Chocolate Chips


We carefully choose our exhibitors at our events to ensure the chocolate they have to offer is of a superior quality. By selecting a higher quality of cacao bean, the chocolatiers achieve a better foundation for their chocolate creations.

Handmade Chocolates

Many of our exhibitors are still using hand made methods of production for the majority of their collections. Bean to Bar makers, and even now Tree to Bean producers can trace their cacao source all the way from the tree to the bar, and even on to the finished filled chocolates and truffles. 

Individual Selections

As well as pre-filled boxes, you will find individual selection options available, so you can fill a box with your favourite flavours. Or choose the bars that best suit your personal taste.

Single Origin

Chocolate made with cocoa beans from one particular country or region is becoming more popular in many other chocolate products. We have a growing number of Bean to Bar exhibitors joining our events.

Ethical, Sustainable, Fairtrade

The majority of the exhibiting chocolatiers at our events are working hard to ensure everyone gets a fair deal. They actively source quality ingredients from ethically traded producers to add to their finished chocolate, as well as doing all they can along the route to production to ensure traceability.