If you are looking for ethical, sustainable, or low-sugar chocolate – for companies that care from seed to bean – bean to bar – for chocolatiers and chocolate-makers who are passionate about their produce, then Discover Cacao is working to bring this to you via a series of events across the South East.

Do you find dark chocolate bitter? Do you want vegan options? Are you looking to simply indulge your chocolate passion? Healthy options? Low sugar alternatives? Discover Cacao offers informal educational talks, promoting award-winning artisan chocolate brands, leaving you to make your own choices about the chocolate you buy.

We are on a mission to bring quality chocolate to a wider audience by offering an affordable platform for chocolatiers and chocolate makers to showcase their products, and share their story so that you can indulge your passion for all things chocolate!

Discover Cacao continues to support and promote ethically sourced and sustainable chocolate options from passionate producers.