The Brighton Chocolate festival last month brought a few new chocolatiers and chocolate makers our way, and Mayoy Cacao is fast becoming one to watch. We bought a selection of their bars, ranging from 58 – 75% and found it impossible to find a favourite. The bars are ‘just’ chocolate, with no added flavourings. Simply cacao and organic cane sugar – and they taste amazing!

It is always exciting to discover new cacao, but even more so when you fall in love with every bar they have on offer. With fruity, nutty, woody flavours coming through on the 58% Sur del Lago and Rio Frio – nutty, woody, citrus on the 65% Montaña Ocumare – and nutty, malt, honey on the 75% Bromelia, all the bars are clean on the palate, with a smooth texture (bar the cacao nibs). We can only suggest you try them yourselves, and pop over to Mayoy Cacao and grab a bar, or two.

As a Venezuelan-origin bean-to-bar chocolate maker (based in London), Mayoy Cacao works directly with cocoa farmers, cocoa associations and small cocoa producers. In doing so, they offer a transparent trade, benefiting the local communities and guaranteeing the cacao’s origins, sustainability and quality.

‘Mayoy’ means ‘Friend’ in our ancestral language – we love making friends and sharing our Cacao expertise and passion everywhere we go!

We hope you enjoy and love our Cacao as much as we do!
100% Venezuelan Origin | London Made

Mayoy Cacao