And so it begins… after a great weekend in Brighton at the Brighton Chocolate Festival 2022, we bought a few samples home to review. This now means a bit of chocolate munching for the next few days or weeks!
So to start, today we opened this bar from Terre de Sienne Chocolate. Well, we actually started it last night after dinner but I managed to nab some squares to save for this review.

This bar is made with single-origin cacao beans from Monte Grande, a family-owned farm in Guatemala. Added to this are organic cane sugar and almonds, cocoa butter and sun-dried morello cherries. This is a vegan bar, and gluten-free, as most of our samples will be due to our dietary needs. The chocolate itself is soft on the snap and palate, with a fairly even melt. I must confess to having a weird palate because along with the creamy fudginess of the bean, I got a peppery edge from this bar. For a dark 56%, it is on the sweeter side of our usual choices for dark, and the almonds also add a creamy texture.

Sun-dried Morello Cherries

We absolutely love the addition of dried cherries 🍒 to the top as they beautifully balance the chocolate, adding a tart edge. Who doesn’t love dark berries and chocolate together? Once the chocolate has melted and gone, you are left with only the cherries, slowly rehydrating on your tongue. This is a slow eater, as are most. Don’t rush it, don’t refrigerate it, just enjoy.

We first met Audrey of Terre de Sienne in March at the 2022 Denbies Chocolate Fair, so it was good to catch up with them again. You can visit the shop in Worthing from Tuesday to Saturday. Check their website for details.

And a shout out to Amber Elise (artist) for the great package design.