Chocolate-covered coffee beans… like Marmite – you either love them or not. But if you do, then go for good beans and great chocolate like these addictive little gems from Black Mocha. They have been well received by all the coffee-chocolate lovers here at Discover Cacao. I am actually surprised they lasted so long. Hiding them has helped but today it became obvious that they were nearly all gone and we needed to get some photos of them before they vanished entirely.

I used to avoid coffee chocolate and definitely would not have opted to eat coffee beans in the past. Black Mocha had me from the first bite and bean though, as the balance between this pairing is perfect.

We also nabbed a bar of dark coffee chocolate too. Black Mocha commissioned J Cocoa to create this bar, pairing single-origin chocolate and coffee beans, to create a “unique, fruity, well-balanced, bittersweet chocolate”.

We love the milk chocolate coffee bar from J Cocoa but sadly are now unable to enjoy it because of the milk content. That means we had to go from a latte to espresso with our coffee chocolates, and this bar fits the bill.

Coffee chocolate seems to be rising in popularity and availability this season, so it has been great to be able to try a few more makers. Try it for yourself – buy it online, or pop down to Brighton for a real treat. BLACK MOCHA 103 Gloucester Road, Brighton, BN1 4AP